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Many mountaineers like you may have dreamed of standing on the top of Mt Damavand in Iran, a giant 5671 meters volcano, the highest peak of Middle East and the highest volcano of Asia.

Now it is the moment to let your dreams come true. We are experienced Iranian mountain guiding team who are mainly focused on Damavand. and many mountaineering teams and individual climbers use our guiding support each year. We organize two different type of climbing tours to Damawand, Iran. The following are the details for the two different categories.

Trekking Tour Mt Damavand Iran
Trekking Tour Mt Damavand

Damavand Group Tour

Damavand Group Tour (also called Shared Tour or Class B Tour) is an economy tour to Damavand Mountain in Iran suitable when money matters. This kind of tours is financially cheaper compared to a private one, this tour is designed not only to reduce the cost of climbers, but also to enable them to join other groups and meet other mountaineers from other countries and ascend to the Mt Damavand peak in a team work. Visit also Damavand Economy Tour.

Unlike the private ones, these tours have some disadvantages too, they are not so flexible in term of itinerary, timing, privacy and so on and you should be fit, enough strong and have a good pace to follow the team and other participants while trekking. The most necessary and required services for the mountaineering is supported in this package.

We organize few economy tours each year in summer, but other than mentioned group programs, and in case if we have some free time, we may occasionally announce another group tour for the South route of Mt Damavand if there are at least five requests and participant for a certain time of summer season. Interested parties may keep in touch for the latest news and more information in this regard and let's work together to finalize all arrangements.

Damavand VIP Private Tour

Private Tour (or Class A Tour), is an exclusive Mt Damavand full package tour when time and privacy matters. The itinerary and timing are flexible and custom design; it supports any number of participants, from a single climber to a big group. In this package we will support you with all the necessary services for the mountain. You can apply for a private tour any time to best suit your schedule. Red more in Damavand VIP Private Tour.

We operate regular private tailor-made tours, almost every week in the summer, and we take many foreign groups and individual to the Damavand summit each year. If you would like to have more privacy and flexibility, we highly recommend our private tours for your mountain activity with our excellent services and qualified guides to support you in custom designed categories. If you are interested in a Private Tour, visit Mt Damavand Tour for more details.
(Please note, we do not publish our private tours info in our websites or in events calendars).

Damavand Mountain Iran
Damavand Mountain Iran

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