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Damavand 3 Days Itinerary for the South Route
Day 1: Transfer from a certain point in Tehran to base and ski/trek to high camp. O/N hut/tent.
Day 2: Ascend to Damavand summit and return back to high camp. O/N hut/tent.
Day 3: Descend to Damavand base. Drive back to the starting point in Tehran. Tour ends.

Damavand Group Tour Programs in 2023

June 2023
GT Jun 10-12
GT Jun 17-19
GT Jun 24-26

July 2023
GT Jul 1-3
GT Jul 8-10
GT Jul 15-17
GT Jul 22-24

August 2023
GT Aug 5-7
GT Aug 12-14
GT Aug 19-21
GT Aug 26-28

September 2023
GT Sep 2-4
GT Sep 9-11
GT Sep 17-19
GT Sep 25-27

Group tour is a budget friendly program for individual climbers who intend to share their Damavand Mountain travel costs with other hikers and to enjoy the aspect of being with other teams. It is designed to enable individual climbers to join other mountaineers keen on reaching the summit from different countries and climb in a team work with the lowest possible budget.

Damavand budget tour is financially cheaper compared to Damavand Private VIP Tour. Economy tour is not so flexible in term of timing, itinerary and privacy also it is not a full package tour. But despite its limitations it supports the necessary services for the trekking when money matters.

AMS Note
This is a short form trekking itinerary for Mount Damavand Iran. To minimize the risk of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) and for proper Acclimatization it is necessary to be in Tehran (approx 1300-1500 masl) at least 24 hours before start of Damavand trek.

Mount Damavand Iran
Trek Mount Damavand Iran

Three Days Itinerary

Day 1: Starting Day
From a certain starting point in east of Tehran drive by car to Damavand first campsite in early morning. After changing the car at first campsite continue the drive as far as car can go up by 4WD car towards the base (Goosfand Sara). Then by 4 to 5 hours trekking/on ski to high camp. Usually arrive in the afternoon (2-4 PM). Over night at Camp 3 hut/tent.

Day 2: Summit Day
Start trekking/or ski touring to Damavand Summit at about 5 AM (reach the summit after 5 to 7 hours). Return back to camp 3. Usually arrive late afternoon (3 to 5 PM). Over night at camp 3 hut/tent.

Day 3: Return Day to Tehran
After breakfast descend or ski down to base. Drive to camp 1 and then return to the starting point in Tehran. Generally arrive in the evening. Tour ends.

Acclimatization Note
The mentioned itinerary is recommended for those mountaineers who have arrived few days before and are already living in Tehran (approx 1300-1500 masl) for better Acclimatization. It is not suggested for those who intend to arrive/fly to Tehran on the starting day from a country which is located at sea level. For proper acclimatization it is necessary to be in Tehran at least one day in advance.

Mount Damavand Iran
Mount Damavand Iran

Mount Damavand Iran
Damavand Volcano Iran

Mount Dena Iran - Hovzdal Peak
Mount Dena Iran - Hovzdal Peak

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