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Discount Price in 2023

We offer the best competitive quotations for Damavand Economy Group Tour (shared tour). Price starts from 180 Euros per person.
The estimated cost for 3 day program Damavand budget tour with the mentioned Services in 2020 is as follow:

- team with 11-12 applicants 180 Eur pp.
- team with 9-10 applicants 220 Eur pp.
- team with 7-8 applicants 260 Eur pp.
- team with 5-6 members 300 Eur pp.
- team with 3-4 members 340 Eur pp.
- team with 1-2 members 380 Eur pp.

Remember the offered discount price is much cheaper compared to the previous years due to the present economic sanctions policies, current economic difficulties and also foreign currency exchange rate (US Dollar/Euros Vs Rials) in Iran.

Update November 2019
We have received too many request for Damavand Ski Tour programs, in group tour category, therefore we have just added economy ski-tour itineraries for 2020.

Damavand Economy Ski Group Tours 2020
(no schedule for 2023 yet)

February 2020
SK Feb 15-17
SK Feb 22-24

March 2020
SK Mar 1-3
SK Mar 9-11
SK Mar 14-16
SK Mar 28-30

April 2020
SK Apr 5-7
SK Apr 11-13
SK Apr 18-20
SK Apr 25-27

May 2020
SK May 2-4
SK May 9-11
SK May 16-18

Damavand Economy Hiking Trekking Group Tours 2020
(no schedule for 2023 yet)

June 2020
GT Jun 1-3
GT Jun 7-9
GT Jun 13-15
GT Jun 20-22
GT Jun 27-29

July 2020
GT Jul 4-6
GT Jul 11-13
GT Jul 18-20
GT Jul 25-27

August 2020
GT Aug 2-4
GT Aug 9-11
GT Aug 15-17
GT Aug 22-24

September 2020
GT Sep 5-7
GT Sep 12-14
GT Sep 19-21
GT Sep 26-28

Remember this package is not suitable for US, UK and Canadian passport holders because they should take part in a guided tour from aiport to airport! Read more in Iran Visa for US, UK & Canada Citizens.The mentioned nationalities may apply for a Damavand VIP Private Tour.

Economy tour is a budget friendly program for individual climbers who intend to share their Damavand Mountain travel costs with other hikers and to enjoy the aspect of being with other teams. It is designed to enable individual climbers to join other mountaineers keen on reaching the summit from different countries and climb in a team work with the lowest possible budget.

Damavand budget tour is financially cheaper compared to Damavand Private VIP Tour. Economy tour is not so flexible in term of timing, itinerary and privacy also it is not a full package tour. But despite its limitations it supports the necessary services for the trekking when money matters

More Damavand Group Tours

Each year we organize only few group tours in economy tour category. But we may arrange more Damavand ski touring and Damavand hiknig trekking tours in buddget plan if there are at least 3 participants in your team. We will consider requests for further Damawand economy tour class for Damavand ski touring and trekking tours to Damavand Iran. Interested hikers may be in touch for the latest information. Let's work together to finalize all the arrangements.

Mount Damavand Iran
Trek Mount Damavand Iran

AMS Note
This is a short form trekking itinerary for Mount Damavand Iran. To minimize the risk of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) and for proper Acclimatization it is necessary to be in Tehran (approx 1300-1500 masl) at least 24 hours before start of Damavand trek.

Damavand Itinerary 2023

Damavand Itinerary for Hiking Trekking and Ski Touring in 2023

Damavand 3 Days Itinerary for South Route
Day 1: Transfer from a certain point in Tehran to base and ski/trek to high camp. O/N C3/tent.
Day 2: Ascend to Damavand summit and return back to high camp. O/N C3/tent.
Day 3: Descend to Damavand base. Drive back to the starting point in Tehran. Tour ends.


We start signe up for a budget tour each year and welcome interested individual to join. If you intend to take part in a group tour, please copy - paste the following form and fill it, send it by email and let us know the required info about your team.

Required Information

1- Your name(s):
2- Your age(s):
3- Gender(s):
4- Nationality:
5- Type of tour: Group Tour.
6- When do you arrive in Tehran:
7- Which program you are interested in:
8- Exact number of participants in your team:
9- Your mountaineering experience(s):

Mount Damavand Iran
Mount Damavand Iran

Three Days Itinerary Summer 2023

Day 1: Starting Day
From a certain starting point in east of Tehran drive by car to Damavand first campsite in early morning. After changing the car at first campsite continue the drive as far as car can go up by 4WD car towards the base (Goosfand Sara). Then by 4 to 5 hours trekking/on ski to high camp. Usually arrive in the afternoon (2-4 PM). Over night at Camp 3 hut/tent.

Day 2: Summit Day
Start trekking/or ski touring to Damavand Summit at about 5 AM (reach the summit after 5 to 7 hours). Return back to camp 3. Usually arrive late afternoon (3 to 5 PM). Over night at camp 3 hut/tent.

Day 3: Return Day to Tehran
After breakfast descend or ski down to base. Drive to camp 1 and then return to the starting point in Tehran. Generally arrive in the evening. Tour ends.

Acclimatization Note
The mentioned itinerary is recommended for those mountaineers who have arrived few days before and are already living in Tehran (approx 1300-1500 masl) for better Acclimatization. It is not suggested for those who intend to arrive/fly to Tehran on the starting day from a country which is located at sea level. For proper acclimatization it is necessary to be in Tehran at least one day in advance.

Advantages of a Group Tours

Visit also Damavand Economy Tours.

Cost and Price

Financially cheaper compared to a private tour. Budget friendly program when money matters.

Team Work

Join other mountaineers keen on reaching the summit and climb in a team work.


The necessary services for the mountaineering is supported in this package. Visit Included.

Disadvantages of a Group Tours

The Group Tours have some disadvantages too.


Group Tours run in some season only.


A minimum of 3-4 participants is required for any Damavand tour package.

Not flexible

Timing, starting day, starting point and itinerary are not flexible.


Participants should be strong enough and have a good pace to follow the team while trekking in a Damavand group tour.


Some services are not supported in this package, Visit Not Included.


The mentioned itineraries in this category is good for those who have enough acclimatization and not recommended for those who intend to arrive (fly) to Tehran on the starting day from a place white low altitude and sea level. Visit also Damavand Meteo.

Mount Damavand Iran
Damavand Volcano Iran


• Accommodation in high campsite hut/tent.
• Transfer from a certain starting point in eastern Tehran to Damavand first campsite and back to the same place in Tehran.
• Transfer by 4WD cars from Damawand first campsite to Demavand Base (as far as car can go up) and back to Damavand first campsite.
• Experienced Damavand hiking & ski touring mountain guide.
• Breakfast, lunch, dinner on damavand mountain campsite.
• Tenting in Damavand campsites if necessary.
• Cooking gear while you are on Damawand.

Not Included

This is the land only itinerary; please make your own way to the tour starting point.
• Transport to/from IKA Airport Tehran to Demavand first camp.
• Visa support: Iran Visa Authorization Code.
• Permit: Damavand Climbing Permit fee 50 USD.
• Hotel, hotel reservation and charges in Tehran.
• City meals.
• Medical/evacuation and trip insurance.
• Personal equipment for hiking trekking/ski touring Damavand Iran.
• Porter and mule to carry extra gears to damavand high camp.
• Unscheduled days/nights on damavand mountain.
• Unscheduled nights at Tehran hotel.

Insurance Important Note

We strongly recommended you to have all risk insurance that covering medical and evacuation from remote area. The insurance should cover also helicopter flight that could occured in Mt. Damavand expedition.

More info
• Dates are not flexible.
• It is better to apply ASAP to be registered in any shared tour.
• Participants must be fit enough for such a damavand tour.
• The tour is flexible for the number of participants.
• Contact us for more details.
• See also Terms of Payment.

Summer Equipment
To have a safe ascend to Mount Damavand Peak, it is necessary to bring proper gear, the most important ones are listed below.

Necessary Equipments
Visit also Damavand Equioment.
• Earplug, to block undesirable noises which may disrupt your sleep in shelter/hut.
• Backpack/Rucksack (30 - 40 lit suitable for the summit day).
• Trekking/ski poles
• Trekking boots, warm
• Socks, warm/simple
• Jacket and pants, warm
• jacket and pants, wind/snow/rain gear
• Gloves, thin
• Gloves, warm/wind
• Cap, sun-hat/baseball cap/scarf/cover ears and neck
• Hat, warm
• Hat, balaclava/wind/snow
• Glasses, sun/glacier/100% UV IR
• Glasses, wind/snow/storm/side cover
• Swiss Army knife/Pocket knife or multi-tool
• Small personal first-aid kit
• Headlamp. Flashlight
• Sunscreen cream SPF 50 or better
• Lip protection, lipstick
• Sleeping bag
• T-shirts
• Track-suit, warm fleece sweaters
• Underclothing

Optional Equipment
• Mobile phone
• Digital camera, and spare batteries
• Travel clothes
• Hiking pants
• Sandals/sneakers/trainers/slippers
• Cooking gear
• Thermos
• Water Bottles, Purification tablets
• Mattress, tent
• Bathing suit, small, quick-dry towel
• Lighter/Matches
• Toiletry bag/kit
• Personal hygiene utensils

Mount Dena Iran - Hovzdal Peak
Mount Dena Iran - Hovzdal Peak

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