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Mount Damavand Group Tours 2023

We support many mountaineering groups to Mount Damavand summit in budget friendly category and share our experience to give them best chance of success to tackle Damawand iran, the highest peak of Iran and Middle East. All foreign hiking groups and trekking teams are welcome to join Damavand Group Tours.

Mount Damavand Iran
Mount Damavand Iran

Economy Group Tour 2023

Damavand Economy Tour or Group Tour is a budget tour suitable when the money matters. This kind of tour is financially cheaper compared to a Damavand VIP Private Tour.
Group tour is designed not only to reduce the cost of individual climbers, but also to enable them to join a group and meet other mountaineers from other countries and ascend to Damavand peak in a team work.

Especial Offer for Summer 2023

We offer the best competitive quotations for Damavand Group Tour (shared tour). Price starts from 180 Euros per person.

The estimated cost for 3 day program Damavand group tour with the mentioned Services in Summer 2023 is as follow:

- team with 11-12 applicants 180 Eur pp.
- team with 9-10 applicants 220 Eur pp.
- team with 7-8 applicants 260 Eur pp.
- team with 5-6 members 300 Eur pp.
- team with 3-4 members 340 Eur pp.
- team with 1-2 members 380 Eur pp.

Remember the offered discount price is much cheaper compared to the previous years due to the present economic sanctions policies, current economic difficulties and also foreign currency exchange rate (US Dollar/Euros Vs Rials) in Iran.

To make sure about your place in a tour it is essential to register your program in advance. All clients are requested to pay their deposit at least 30 days before the kick off.

Damavand Itinerary 2023

Damavand Itinerary for Hiking Trekking in 2023

Damavand 3 Days Itinerary for South Route

Day 1: Transfer from a certain point in Tehran to base and ski/trek to high camp. O/N C3/tent.
Day 2: Ascend to Damavand summit and return back to high camp. O/N C3/tent.
Day 3: Descend to Damavand base. Drive back to the starting point in Tehran. Tour ends.

Photo Gallery

Visit a collection of Mount Damavand tour pictures in our photo album. Damavand Mountaineering, hiking trekking and climbing tour photos gallery. Skitour resort, snowboard touring in Alborz and Zagros Ranges picture album. Iran mountain tour images. Winter ascent touring pics. Natural wilderness of Iran photos.


Privacy is our main priority, we do not shared your info with the 3rd parties. Write Damavand Economy Tour in your email subject, this will help us to quickly recognize the real emails from the spams. To get an accurate reply, write your mails in English. Find our email address at the bottom of all pages. Reply with the previous respond attached to your email.
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This package is not suitable for US, UK and Canadian passport holders because they should take part in a guided tour from aiport to airport! More in Iran Visa for US, UK & Canada Citizens. The mentioned nationalities may apply for a Damavand VIP Private Tour.

Trekking Tour Mount Dena Iran
Trekking Tour Mount Damavand Iran

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